Technology Wont Save Us

Last year I dove headlong into the emerging world of blockchain. It’s an incredible technology, and the field is currently filled with some of the most creative and visionary minds of our generation (see: Reggie MiddletonVitalik ButerinAndreas Antonopoulos). These people are devoted to rethinking how economies can work, to solving the problems related to data management, transference and security, in addition creating digital platforms that incentivize healthy consumer usage, not just shareholder profits.

What attracts me to the blockchain space are the visionaries within it, the energy that it has harnessed and it’s potential to create more equitable means of commerce, exchange and interaction. Yes, blockchain is wildly exciting, but ultimately, it’s just the next evolution of technology. For its benefits to be realized, it is incumbent upon humans to use it.

A quick review of history (modern and ancient) shows us that technology never solves the challenges we face. Technology won't save us from climate change, healthcare costs, racism, debt, overpopulation, or any of the other scourges that plague our local and global communities. Only we can save ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, technology plays a key in solving many problems we face, but the pivotal hero in this story of salvation will be us humans. It always has been since our forebearers first developed fire, wheels and sharp rocks. How fire was used played a pivotal role in how our society evolved, but it was a human (or at least something human-esque) that ultimately decided how to apply fire to his environment.

While it is exciting to focus on emerging technologies, we must not place too much hope in its hands nor invest more time in the development of them than we do ourselves or each other. No technology, policy or law is going to save us.

We have to save us. We do this by investing in ourselves and our relationships with each other.

Technology over the past few decades has proven how incredible we can be when we come together. What if we applied that same level of focus, resources and commitment to really being together in more connected and authentic ways? What if we invested an hour each day, uninterrupted by technology to get to know ourselves or someone else a bit better - to understand their beliefs, perspectives and stories?

Over the course of the next few months I look forward to stepping back into the work of supporting people, teams and organizations connect in meaningful ways. I am excited about bringing my blockchain community into my space: the space of human connection and human development.