Now Accepting Bitcoin

As of today, I am excited to announce that I am now offering Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment options for my consulting work. The last few months I have had the pleasure of travelling to Spain, London, Vietnam and Japan, and with travel comes the burden of changing systems and tending to the incidentals that comprise the fundamentals. Things like changing money at borders, paying bills back at home and moving money around to different people and accounts as life’s various demands necessitate.

Bitcoin and Litecoin, two of the most promising cryptocurrencies, have made money management from abroad easy and next to free. The more I use Bitcoin and Litecoin to pay for things, goods and obligations, the more and more frustrated I become with the existing banking systems. The various fees banks charge for withdrawals, transfers, wires, maintenance and beyond have consistently increased, with little (if any) benefit to consumers. Luckily, there is a much better system out there that is gaining momentum every day.

With Bitcoin and Litecoin, I am able to have immediate access to all my funds and transfer them to anyone in the world in seconds (and with Litecoin, sometimes less than a second). Not only is the speed at which moving money can be accomplished far greater than what the existing banking system allows, but Bitcoin and Litecoin also are less expensive and more secure. All this, and without any fees being charged by banks who like doing nefarious things with our money (see Wells Fargo).

Around the world, more and more vendors are accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment methods. From coffee shops in Saigon, to, to an auto shop in Santa Rosa, to ATMs around the State, and now, me!

If you and/or your organization is interested in exploring how you can accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, or any other cryptocurrency as payment, let me know. And for those who are already Bitcoin and Litecoin believers, I encourage you to take this small step with me in accepting these currencies at your organizations and helping other organizations do the same.