Team Work: Warriors Style

Sports are a rich source of metaphors and this year, the Warriors proved to be the epitome of what a high performing team looks like, acts like can accomplish: incredible feats, record smashing results and marketplace dominance, all the while having a great time.

Sports writers, statisticians, casual fans and barflies all have their theories why the Warriors were such a high performing team this year. Sure, it might be because you wore the authentic jersey of your favorite player during almost every game, or it could have to do with their high percentage of 3-pointers, or it might be because they have one of the most exciting players in basketball since Michael Jordan. But through my work with different kinds of teams, I observed something else that made the Warriors perform at such a high level this year.

Team work. It is two words, not one, and there is a big space between the two words. In that space lays the elusive substance that can bind or repel a “team” from their “work.” Research and experience, popularized by Dick Beckhard, demystifies what the elusive substance in between these two words are for our organizations, and the people that make them great, or not.

They are:

1. Shared Identity

2. Clear Roles & Structures

3. Effective Processes

4. Quality Relationships

In the following weeks I will examine these concepts in hopes giving you simple, but powerful ideas how you can reduce the space between your team and their shared work.

In the coming weeks I will be publishing posts to dissect, divulge and demystify the essential elements of team work. Through this, and using the Oakland Warriors exemplary teamwork as an example, we will explore how you can replicate the teamwork of the 2016 Warriors in your organization and create record-breaking results.




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