Let's Get Engaged!

Engagement is the hot new buzzword and organizational riddle. How do we engage our employees as well as other stakeholders?

Frequently, we see the engagement conundrum in the context of Millennials. With much of my consulting work focused on helping organizations engage constituents and stakeholders, I find that the nexus between engagement and 21st Century organizations overwhelmingly overlap.

“21st Century Organizations” are the Zappos and Googles of the world. These organizations are thriving in the 21st Century because they are aligned with the emerging cultural values; values that are helping shape the new paradigm we are living in and are challenged by. These values, brought on by the Millennial generation, are driving the future of work and our world. They are redefining what tomorrow will look like and how we will operate. Embodying these emerging cultural values is becoming the new guidebook for organizational excellence.

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