Got Away?

May was a month to be reckoned with. In that one short month my Grandfather died, I graduated with my Master’s, my business began gaining momentum and life’s pace reached a new velocity. I found myself needing to unplug, so my dear friend and I scheduled a two week vacation to find solitude, beauty and adventure. As a “culture-vulture” I have spent most of my vacation time traveling abroad, but this time around I chose to stay “local” and enjoy the spectacular beauty the USA has to offer in and around her national parks.

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread.” ― Edward AbbeyDesert Solitaire

Here is a map of our route. Click on the stars for information about some of the special destinations (and ignore the letters):

Words cannot describe the beauty we encountered, the discoveries of our explorations or the extent of the adventure. Below are a few of my favorite hikes and pictures from this rejuvenating trip:

“Wilderness. The word itself is music.” ― Edward AbbeyDesert Solitaire

If given the chance, I encourage you to explore the beauty the desert holds. In this desolate location I learned much about myself; moving beyond self-imposed limitations, finding solace in unplugging and being still. The solitude of the desert provided a vast space for me to sit in gratitude of simple wonders such as a shady tree, a colorful sunset, timeless rocks, easy companionship, and cold water.