Are your meetings resource suckers or resource multipliers? Do your meetings create the results you need? How are you leveraging your meetings to improve organizational efficacy?

With a long track record of designing and delivering processes to support groups create and operationalize their ideas, my practical approach and depth of human systems understanding will help you deliver productive, powerful meetings that leverage your strengths and meet your organizational goals.

Whether you are planning a small staff retreat, or a strategic planning offsite, let's explore how we can maximize your meetings.

Values of the 21st Century Organization

Our workforce is more diverse than ever. While we are all human and have similar needs, how we get those needs met looks very different for emerging leaders (Millennials and Gen Z). In this workshop, we will explore the emerging values brought on by our hyper diverse workforce, and discover how leaders can align their efforts with the values of the workforce of the future. Beginning with a brief overview of that values of the 21st Century Organization, participants will break into small groups to explore how they can incorporate these values into their teams’ work and culture. The values of the 21st Century Organization are: collaboration, impact, diversity, and transparency.


Collaborating Across the Ages

Only by understanding our differences can we begin to bridge the divide that separates us. Through a series of small group conversations and generation specific brainstorming sessions, the group will expose the chasms that inhibit their ability to collaborate, and areas where collaboration makes sense. Then, in small, age diverse groups, we will explore ways in which the age differences can be leveraged as strengths, and individually create mini-action plans for how they can begin improving the way they work together across the age spectrum.


Make Your Training Sessions Stick

How often do you send your employees to training and the skills you sent them there to develop do not stick. Sure, the employee enjoyed the development opportunity, yet when they arrive back at work, you notice the work they did at the training does not last. Their communication skills slip back into the old habits you invested in them breaking? By exploring the latest research in neuroscience as it applies to adult learning, we will learn how you can design/identify the training's that will achieve your desired development outcomes and last.


Creativity: Survival Skill of the 21st Century

It has been said that creativity is the survival skill for the 21st century employee, but how does one develop their creativity? How can your organization support and encourage their employee's creativity? This engaging workshop is sure to make you laugh, get you curious and inspire you to begin incorporating creative practices into your work to enhance your effectiveness and engagement in your workplace. After exploring the science of creativity and discussing case studies, participants will begin generating plans to implement creative processes to take their work and workplace to the next level.

Below are some of the most impactful books I have recently read. What books am I missing? Let me know by sending me your recommendations, simply click here!

Organization Development Consultant

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Designed and facilitated dozens of meetings and workshops to help clients collaborate, build consensus, learn and problem solve more effectively. I designed and facilitated the effective and creative meetings for:

• Directors from the philanthropy sector to improve and spread best practices across the sector

• Non-profit develop a strategic plan to focus and action plan around the organization’s two-year plan

• Managers of a national healthcare system improve communication, management skills and accountability

• A Department to assess the complex data they had to support in the strategic planning of organization-wide initiative

• International cross-functional teams to convene and better collaborate and communicate

• Dozens of small group wanting to develop their teams and individual leadership abilities



• Developed and implemented, the creation of learning curriculum &  training materials for end-users around the globe on a electronic health records aplication

• Developed, implemented, monitored and analyzed employee surveys to develop recommendations for process improvements


Business Operations

• Analyzed business systems and developed recommendations on how to increase efficiency and address complex interpersonal team dynamics

• Created a line of products from client’s body of work (workshops, forms, work books, etc)

• Supported clients in their work with their clients, partners and business development efforts

• Created measurements to analyze and track organizational impact and employee trainings


Communications / Public Relations

• Helped clients design digital and physical marketing materials (brochures, business cards, fliers, etc).

• Developed strategy for clients to best leverage their Social Media presence

• Designed and implemented internal communications, public relations, investor newsletters and web presence for a international medical software company

• Exponentially grew Social Media community food-waste fighting start-up from ~100 to 2,500

• Created and executed outreach to food producers & community groups, increasing the organizations membership and visibility from 10 to 3,544

• Supported local, regional, national and international media coverage (NPR, Al Jazeera, Time, PRI)


Account Manager, Tramutola Advisors, Oakland, CA 2009 - 2013

Crafted strategy and communications for 45 tax and candidate elections, resulting in the passage of $2.983 Billion in funds for public infrastructure, hospitals and schools. Coordinated and managed public relations and marketing for small to large public and private entities, including statewide initiatives, super-majority tax elections, corporate outreach/government affairs and candidate campaigns.

•       Implemented imaginative and data driven solutions to ensure success for a diverse client base

•       Conducted and analyzed qualitative and quantitative research in order to develop solutions for winning campaigns

•       Helped design, copy write, and coordinate print/mail for 25 unique campaigns

•       Implemented state-of-the-art phone banking technology to increase voter contact by 30%

•       Recruited, trained (bi-lingual) and mobilized thousands of diverse volunteers statewide with highly target presentations in Spanish and English.

•       Updated and modernized database to assist in Web 2.0 marketing efforts

•       Implemented Web 2.0 strategy to assist in business development

•       Built cross-industry relationships from a diverse set of stakeholders (unions, developers, non-profits, government and education)

•       Directed management and supervision of diverse colleagues, client staff and volunteers utilizing various reporting tactics and metrics in the midst of pressure packed campaign environments


Co-Founder & Director, The Organizing & Leadership Academy (TOLA), Oakland, CA 2009 - 2013

Instrumental in taking TOLA from an idea to a successful program (now in it’s fifth year and seventh cohort). This included the creation and implementation of the application process, the coordination and identification of grassroots projects, the recruitment of fellows, the design and continually assessment and improve of curriculum and program experience, and the marketing of TOLA’s impact.

•       Crafted and implemented strategies for 11 diverse grassroots organizing projects ranging from parcel taxes, to complex development proposals to business improvement district renewals.

•       Created and implemented program marketing plan and application process

•       Recruited 30 Fellows to participate in the program from a field of 63 applicants.

•       Trained, motivated, coached and graduated four classes of Fellows


Entrepreneur, Soundwell Ink, Eugene, OR 2006 - 2009

Co-founder of silkscreen t-shirt printing company during college. Sales, marketing and business development efforts for collegiate special events.


Masters in Organization Development. May 2015, Sonoma State University

Bachelor of Arts in History, March 2009, University of Oregon, Dean’s List

Spanish Language Immersion Program, University of Oviedo, Spain

Travel - North / Central / South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Caribbean


Bi-lingual (Spanish), Presentation skills, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Remote call center technology, Social Media, Photography, Video Editing, Acting, Disc Golf.


ATD Northbay, Core Team Member

Organization Development Network, Member

International Association of Organization Development, Member