“Daniel helps us the see humanity in each other.”

- Nicole Howe Buggs, Director of Grants Management, Carnegie Cooperation of NY

"After 35-years in business and working with consultants, Daniel surprised me. He opened my eyes to new methods of problem solving and interacting with my staff. He asked thoughtful questions and encouraged me to re-think my original strategy. At the conclusion of our work, our team became a stronger unit in which members freely communicate and trust each other." 

- Bud Martin, National Practice Leader, Wells Fargo Insurance

"Daniel is capable, pro-active and very enthusiastic. He brought energy and life to the project at a time when it was needed."

- Sara Davis, Director of Grants Management, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation


"I have never seen our officers team so engaged before!"

- Sally Traughber, Marketing Services Manager, Exchange Bank


"Daniel was very skilled in the art of leader wrangling.  With his leadership, our team was able to accomplish our goals, learn from one another, and decrease silo thinking and behavior. I have a much deeper understanding of the roles and goals of my fellow managers after this workshop. Our team is stronger thanks to his guidance."  

- Ruth A Vosmek, LCSW, Social Work Manager, Kaiser Permanente


"Daniel was the best facilitator I have ever worked with. (I have worked with many in different circumstances). We were all put at ease - in a situation that I for one ALWAYS find to be way outside my comfort zone."

- Regional Clinical Supervisor, Kaiser Permanente


" Daniel's facilitation was well-organized and exceeded my expectations for what we could accomplish in a one-day session. I highly recommend him for strategic planning consultation."

- Michelle Peterson, Sr. Project Manager, AT&T Leadership Development Program


"We needed to find someone to help us create the organizational and financial infrastructure that we need. Thankfully, we found Daniel. On the Saturday part of a weekend retreat, he was able to get us to quickly identify our issues/needs/goals and help us create a plan for moving forward. I was very impressed with Daniel's obvious preparation and expertise in keeping the group focused and on point. I've attended (and led) many of this kind of organizational development session and could not have hoped for a better facilitator. Daniel got the job done in the allotted time with skill, affability, and grace. I would enthusiastically recommend him to any group looking for someone to help them with their organizational development."

- Rev. Susan M. Strouse Middle Circle/ First United Lutheran Church


"Daniel’s training not only meet expectations, he exceeded them. Daniel did a great job making our staff feel comfortable by creating a safe and fun environment. Daniel’s positive energy and ability to adapt to his audience makes him a great coaching and training professional."

- Christian Garcia, Program Director, The Organizing & Leadership Academy


"Daniel brought in great energy; he was really funny, energetic, and full of passion. I learned much more than I expected!" 

- Giuliana Martinez, Workshop Attendee


"Daniel is a very positive person; a quick learner and one open to creating communication work products that are sensitive to a large variety of national and cultural settings. He brings professionalism and a dedication to his work that is hard to match. He has a great sense of humor and understands the need for perspective. Daniel is truly a team player and works hard to assist the organization to be successful.

In addition to his skills and experience in the communications field, Daniel also easily adapted to working with online course development, meeting management and broader issues of organizational development. He brings many natural gifts to any organization and is extremely easy to work with. I cannot imagine any organization that he would not help to improve just through his presence and commitment, let alone his skills and experience."

- Rev. Mark Lancaster, Chief of International Operations, E-Health Records International


“Daniel helped to keep us organized, on point, and kept our projects moving forward. A self starter, he never hesitated to roll up his sleeves and jump into action without having to be asked. He would be a great addition to any team in any capacity.”

- Nick Smith, CEO, E-Health Records International


“I think of him as a brother, a son, a colleague and a comrade in arms. TOLA would not exist without him and he has weathered good times and difficult. He has added value each day and every day and he cannot and will not be replaced.”

- Larry Tramutola, CEO & Founder, Tramutola Advisors and TOLA


“He lifted a mountain. I'd be lucky to work with him again.”

- Zac Wald, Chief of Staff for Jane Brunner, Former Oakland City Councilwoman


“Daniel’s leadership and support were huge assets to my campaign.”

- Noel Gallo, Oakland City Councilman


“It is important to acknowledge the tenacity, resourcefulness and sense of humor that Daniel brought to the wildly successful Yes on Measure J campaign to benefit Oakland Schools.”

- Zenobia Barlow, Executive Director, Center for Eco-Literacy


“It has been a blessing working with Daniel and being his friend. I am indebted to him for all the support and guidance. I have learned so much from him.”

- Dolores Ramirez, Account Representative, Tramutola Advisors


“What stands out about Daniel is his wisdom beyond his years.”

- Melquis Naveo, Field Coordinator for Yes on Measure J for Oakland Schools