Values of the 21st Century Organization

Our workforce is more diverse than ever. While we are all human and have similar needs, how we get those needs met looks very different for emerging leaders (Millennials and Gen Z). In this workshop, we will explore the emerging values brought on by our hyper diverse workforce, and discover how leaders can align their efforts with the values of the workforce of the future. Beginning with a brief overview of that values of the 21st Century Organization, participants will break into small groups to explore how they can incorporate these values into their teams’ work and culture. The values of the 21st Century Organization are: collaboration, impact, diversity, and transparency.


Collaborating Across the Ages

Only by understanding our differences can we begin to bridge the divide that separates us. Through a series of small group conversations and generation specific brainstorming sessions, the group will expose the chasms that inhibit their ability to collaborate, and areas where collaboration makes sense. Then, in small, age diverse groups, we will explore ways in which the age differences can be leveraged as strengths, and individually create mini-action plans for how they can begin improving the way they work together across the age spectrum.


Make Your Training Sessions Stick

How often do you send your employees to training and the skills you sent them there to develop do not stick. Sure, the employee enjoyed the development opportunity, yet when they arrive back at work, you notice the work they did at the training does not last. Their communication skills slip back into the old habits you invested in them breaking? By exploring the latest research in neuroscience as it applies to adult learning, we will learn how you can design/identify the training's that will achieve your desired development outcomes and last.


Creativity: Survival Skill of the 21st Century

It has been said that creativity is the survival skill for the 21st century employee, but how does one develop their creativity? How can your organization support and encourage their employee's creativity? This engaging workshop is sure to make you laugh, get you curious and inspire you to begin incorporating creative practices into your work to enhance your effectiveness and engagement in your workplace. After exploring the science of creativity and discussing case studies, participants will begin generating plans to implement creative processes to take their work and workplace to the next level.