The problems leaders face take many forms. It is lonely at the top. Whether leaders are struggling with managing their staff, launching new projects, implementing new systems, need additional strategies to respond to changes in regulatory policies or desire skill development support, a Mastermind group is an effective tool for leaders to support each other in being even more effective and successful.

A Mastermind Group:

  • Creates a “Community of Practice” across the sector to exchange, expand, and create knowledge, and develop capabilities.

  • Provides an informal and confidential venue for peers to share, support and learn from each other

  • Encourages honest dialogue about the realities, opportunities and challenges Directors/Leaders within their respective foundations

  • Supports collective leadership development and each other as managers and leaders of their respective teams

By convening peers across your industry to explore their common challenges, you can leverage personal, professional, organizational and industry performance and stay on top of industry trends . Contact me to discuss creating a Mastermind Group, or to improve an existing one.