"After 35-years in business and working with consultants, Daniel surprised me. He opened my eyes to new methods of problem solving and interacting with my staff. He asked thoughtful questions and encouraged me to re-think my original strategy. At its conclusion of our work, our team became a stronger unit in which members freely communicate and trust each other."

 - Bud Martin, National Practice Leader, Wells Fargo Insurance

"He [Daniel] brings many natural gifts to any organization and is extremely easy to work with. I cannot imagine any organization that he would not help to improve just through his presence and commitment, let alone his skills and experience." 

- Rev. Mark Lancaster, Chief of International Operations, E-Health Records Intl.

β€œIt is important to acknowledge the tenacity, resourcefulness and sense of humor that Daniel brought to the wildly successful Yes on Measure J campaign to benefit Oakland Schools.” 

- Zenobia Barlow, Executive Director, Center for Eco-Literacy